Tommy Hulihan Basketball


This Team Training Program will consist of highly organized workouts that focus on a Team’s offensive and defensive skills. Special emphasis will be placed on footwork, communication, ball handling and shooting. All drills, both individual and team, are game-like and will produce a marked improvement in the team. By participating in this program, each player will gain confidence, while acquiring the fundamentals necessary to become a better player and improve your team. Many drills will be shown, which coaches can incorporate into their own practices, to improve overall skill development of their team. By incorporating these fundamental drills into your practices, your overall skill level will continue to improve even during your season.

Remember, If your players can’t catch, pass, shoot and handle the ball, nothing you run as a coach will work.

Each program is specialized to meet your teams needs and will include:

  • An active warm-up incorporating tennis balls, agility ladders and hurdles into basketball specific drills.
  • Specialized drills to improve:
    • passing/catching, ball handling, shooting, defense and communication.

We make sure that all drills are explained in great depth so that you feel 100% confident implementing them into your own practice.