Training with Results with Tommy Hulihan Basketball

When training with Tommy Hulihan Basketball, players gain confidence while improving their technique, acquiring the skills necessary to perform!

See our Training & Development page for details on how you can work with Coach Hulihan and the team.


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Become A Better Shooter With Coach Hulihan

Coach Hulihan’s individual lessons are intense and structured skill development sessions, with a special emphasis on shooting and ball handling.

All players can become better shooters - and Coach Hulihan can help them get there. Focusing on the mentality and mechanics behind each shot, Coach Hulihan provides feedback tailored for the athlete, providing support, motivation and inspiration.

Coach Hulihan currently trains top athletes across the region, click the button below to see a list of players trained by Coach Hulihan.


"I always have great shooting workouts with Coach Tommy Hulihan. I owe a lot to him for helping me develop my game to how it is now. If you want to get better, come see him"

- Will Cummings, Athlete, Owner of Self Motivated Grind, Former Guard for the Temple Owl's & Houston Rockets

"Coach Hulihan is the best shooting instructor I have had at any level of basketball, including the collegiate level. His work, with my shooting fundamentals, has helped me tremendously in my game and has contributed greatly to being able to play in college. He not only helps me get better with his coaching/training instructions, but his passionate attitude towards the game inspires me most."

- JJ Kuhlman, Athlete, Belmont Abbey College

“Coach Hulihan is a specialist in player development. He teaches players at every level of the game, but always with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment. I owe much to him for helping me reach my full potential.”

- JP Kuhlman, Athlete, Davidson University

“Coach Tommy is an excellent teacher of the fundamental skills of basketball. He is very positive, patient and communicates well with players. Coach Hulihan has helped develop my skills so that I was a 4 year Varsity starter in high school and a 3 year starter at the collegiate level. Thanks Coach for making me a better basketball player.”

- Terrell Mosley, Athlete, Montreat College

"Tommy is a great basketball coach, and one on one or Team Trainer, who can further the skill of beginners to elite players looking to improve their offensive game. Grayson's shooting improved to such a high level that he is regarded as the 32nd ranked player in the class of 2014 by ESPN."

- Sherry Allen, Mother of Grayson Allen.

“Tommy is such a consummate teacher, and there are very few in our profession. There are very few who try to take every kid and maximize their abilities. To see him become a student of the game, then become a teacher, I enjoy watching that. I come to his games because of him, and what he's done for kids. I wish it could be used as a bar of excellence for others to copy."

- Coach Tates Locke Former Head Coach: Clemson University, Indiana State University, Jacksonville University


Unless otherwise noted, all Basketball Lessons, Trainings, Sports Camps and Basketball League events are held in St. Paul’s School Gym.

St. Paul’s School Gym212 5th Street North, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250